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J2KBio is a company specializing in the development of bio-materials based on natural resources, researching active ingredients derived from natural products and microbial fermentation, and providing optimized, safe, and highly effective customized solutions for all customers' product development needs.

Natural material Precious treasures from nature, natural materials

Using specific beneficial ingredients extracted from natural resources, herbs, and medicinal plants, we manufacture cosmetic raw materials. Based on a broad understanding of natural products and extraction technology, we possess and develop high-quality raw materials that can be safely and easily applied to cosmetics.

J2K BIOBANK Sustainable resources from microorganisms, bio materials

We have established the J2K BIOBANK (microbial library) by directly isolating and identifying useful microorganisms from flowers, fruits, and traditional foods in pristine areas. Based on our accumulated understanding of microorganisms through long-term research, we manufacture cosmetic raw materials from fermentation metabolites and bioconversion materials that are beneficial and safe for human use using fermentation and bioconversion technologies.

J2K Solvent Efforts for safe cosmetics, solvents

We manufacture raw materials that act as preservatives by combining ingredients that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that can damage cosmetics or pose risks to the skin.

Natural material

Developing innovative natural efficacy materials with eco-friendly technology.

Microbubble Extraction
  1. Patent registered new technology (No. 10-2222661) for the production of extracts of natural cosmetic raw materials using heated microbubbles and cosmetic compositions containing the same
  2. Effective in extracting active ingredients using microbubbles
  3. Improves productivity through energy savings and increased extraction efficiency

Innovative extraction method that protects both active ingredients and the environment


Bio material

Building a differentiated bio material system with proprietary bio technology.

  1. Securing useful microbial resourcesEstablishment of J2K BIOBANK, securing skin-beneficial microorganisms derived from plants by directly isolating and identifying them from wildflowers and traditional foods in clean areas of Korea, and building a microbial library
  2. Development of customized fermented products for clients possible: Exclusively supply strains in J2K BIOBANK to clients to develop and apply proprietary fermentation raw materials matching desired concepts and efficacies
Skin Microbiome
  1. Proprietary bio technology for differentiation: Bio technology applied to the skin microbiome by identifying skin-resident bacteria that cause wrinkles and inflammation, the main culprits of skin aging
  2. Development of new efficacy evaluation methods and patent registration: Anti-wrinkle evaluation method using Enterobacter strains derived from skin-resident bacteria (No. 10-2544440) and anti-inflammatory evaluation (No. 10-2544441)

Proprietary bio technology developing high-performance cosmetic raw materials utilizing useful microbial resources


Solvent material

Developing preservatives with a broad antimicrobial spectrum.

  1. Powerful and broad antimicrobial spectrum: Combines ingredients that provide broad antimicrobial activity by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, yeasts, and molds
  2. Easy application to all cosmetic formulations: Adjusts the content of key ingredients to apply not only to oil-based products but also water-based products
  3. Soothing and moisturizing effect due to low-irritation ingredients: Composed of ingredients with EWG Green grades, ensuring safety and low irritation to the skin, with expected moisturizing and soothing effects