Technology Possessed


Using microorganisms isolated and identified from natural materials, we develop high-functional cosmetic ingredients. This is the unique microbial fermentation technology of J2K Bio Co., Ltd., and the brand name of the products produced based on this technology.

METABIOME® BIOBANK A library of useful microorganisms derived from various natural resources

J2KBIO has secured about 1,000 types of skin-beneficial microorganisms by directly isolating and identifying them from plants and traditional foods grown in the clean areas of Korea. The microorganism library, BIOBANK, with unique biological characteristics and potential for developing new materials beneficial to skin health, maximizes the value of natural resources and is a core asset for a sustainable future of J2KBIO.

Using the microorganisms from BIOBANK, J2KBIO's unique fermentation method and efficacy evaluation enable the development of proprietary microbiome ingredients tailored to specific needs.

METAexosome™ Technology for isolating and purifying exosomes from microorganisms

Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles surrounded by a lipid bilayer secreted by cells to the outside. They contain various proteins, genetic materials, and lipids, which affect skin regeneration and immune regulation. By utilizing optimal culture conditions and separation/purification technologies, we develop raw materials with excellent efficacy by purifying extracellular vesicles from various microorganisms.

Microbial Synbiotics
Key fermentation technology utilizing interactions between microorganisms

This is a dual fermentation technology that develops fermentation materials containing various metabolites by simultaneously or sequentially culturing different microorganisms. It may produce substances that are not found in pure cultures and show higher production yields due to the activation of promoters by microbial interactions. It is a core technology in microbial research and development, carried out with optimization studies on fermentation conditions such as microorganism selection and culture time.

METABIOME® Optimizing Development of customized ingredients based on professional microbial fermentation technology

Starting from the selection of strains, we establish optimal processes for microbial fermentation ingredients based on various experiments, including media design, culture conditions such as temperature and time. This increases the production yield of active substances and maximizes the efficacy of microorganisms to produce customized ingredients suitable for cosmetic concepts.