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Natural Material Extraction Technology

J2KBIO researches and develops sustainable natural materials and extraction technologies. All research considers the environment and people, aiming for a richer life with our products.

MicroBubble Extraction

Patent Technology (No. 10-2222661)

Using the unique microbubbles, this ESG extraction method efficiently extracts active ingredients from natural materials with minimal energy. Microbubbles are extremely fine bubbles, smaller than 50µm in diameter, created when water coexists with gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. These bubbles float slowly in water, naturally shrinking to nanosize during flotation and eventually dissolving completely in water, increasing the dissolved gas content.

Microbubble Extraction effectively breaks down the cell walls of natural materials, promoting the extraction of beneficial ingredients while minimizing the denaturation of active ingredients. This method not only improves extraction efficiency but also reduces electricity usage by up to 60%, making it an eco-friendly process.

  • Steam Distillation

    Steam distillation is one of the methods where steam generated by boiling water is exposed to natural materials to extract their active ingredients. After this, the steam is condensed back into liquid form. This method is optimal for producing high-purity water-type raw materials.

  • Cold Extraction

    This method uses cold water to extract coffee in the Cold Brew style. It involves dripping cold water onto natural materials for over 24 hours to extract active ingredients. Maintaining a low temperature of 4-10°C is ideal for extracting natural materials with heat-sensitive active ingredients.

  • Juice Press

    This method, mainly applied to fruits and vegetables, uses physical pressure to extract moisture and active ingredients from natural materials without chemical processes. This results in minimal loss of natural nutrients since no heat is applied.

  • Decoction

    This method reproduces the traditional decoction method used by ancestors for herbal medicine using modern tools. By gently boiling dried herbs with a solvent at moderate temperatures, it can extract the active ingredients of traditional herbs in a rich form.